About Us

The Hog Roast Walsall team have worked very hard to elevate hog roast catering to a new level in this part of the Midlands and surprise people who may not have considered a hog roast catering company before, with the quality of our pork and the variety of our menus. We never treat two events the same because we understand that each one is unique to those involved, which is why we always give it our all to create a fantastic mobile catering experience for every event we cater for in Walsall.

Versatile event catering in Walsall

Hog Roast WalsallWalsall is a town that has strong literary and music connections and a lots of local sporting teams. If you are involved in any local group and you are organising an event, or you require top-quality mobile catering for a special occasion, the Hog Roast Walsall team have the flexibility to meet all of your event catering requirements. We have the local knowledge and catering creativity to be a suitable catering option for any occasion in Walsall, and that isn’t only because of our hog roasting expertise or the varied catering packages that we offer.

We are also able to easily adapt to catering in any sort of venue in Walsall and provide restaurant-standard food in all manner of locations. We are comfortable catering anywhere from large outdoor areas, marquees to function rooms, business premises and private gardens in Walsall. So, if you enlist our catering services for your event, you can be as creative as you like when choosing your venue whilst being safe in the knowledge that the quality and variety of food on offer won’t be affected.

Our ingredients and catering style

Hog Roast WalsallAll of our food is made with love and care by our catering team using the freshest locally sourced produce and ethically reared meat. Our pork is always free range and sourced from the best UK suppliers and we are also very discerning about where the rest of our ingredients come from. To ensure our diners can appreciate our superior fresh ingredients at their very best, we always prepare all of our food from scratch on-site on the day.

If you hire the Hog Roast Walsall team to cater for your event, you won’t find us bringing lots of pre-made dishes out of our catering van. We will make all of your dishes at your venue whilst the meat is cooking slowly over the course of several hours. It doesn’t matter if we are catering for a large-scale event, or providing multiple courses for a more formal celebration, we never cut corners with our food prep or take the easy option.

Hog roast machine hire

Hog Roast WalsallAs well as offering a wide range of catering solutions for any event in Walsall, we also provide a hog roast machine hire service. If you hire a machine from us, you will have the opportunity to use some of the most advanced hog roast catering equipment available, as well as benefitting from our expert advice. We have machines available to hire that are suitable for both professional caterers and amateur chefs, with models that differ in size and function.

If you are considering investing in a hog roast machine but you want to give it a try first, hiring one of our cutting-edge pieces of equipment will give you an insight into the full benefits of this style of catering, which is ideal for large outdoor events such as festivals. On the other hand, if you are looking for a DIY catering option for a special occasion or party you are hosting, we have a range of very user-friendly hog roast machines available to hire that don’t require a large amount of catering experience to be able to operate them.